RENT A CAR SANTO DOMINGO rent the vehicle to you subject to the terms and conditions on the front page and these pages, and you agree to the them and confirm that you wild comply with them. Please read it carefully. If there is anything you dot understand or do not agree with, lease ask before your acceptance.


The rental with basic insurance ( official rate ) includes:

  •  500 Kilometers per rental day .     

  • Partial coverage for damages.     

  • Partial coverage for theft     

  • 24 hour roadside assistance.

The rental price does not include:

  • wheels / Tires

  • Gas   

  • Loss or misplacement of keys     

  • Fines management fees (25 € / management)     

  • Mistaking refueling     

  • Assistance for running out of fuel     

  • Franchise     

  • Extra comprehensive insurance*


* The rental price hiring the extra insurance includes insurance for damages and theft, also for the passengers, and excludes the deposit of a franchise to ensure possible damage to the vehicle.

* Super relax Insurance expressly exclude all the points indicated in paragraph “The rental price does not include”


  1. Your responsibility

Subject only to 1.a.I and II, in the event of loos, damage or theft of the vehicle while on rental, you must pay us on demand the amount of all cost and losses duly documented and incurred by us including but no limited to the cost of repairs, loss in value, loss of rental income and towing and storeage charges.

  1. a) Your liability is limited as follows, provide you comply with the term of this agreement and the loss or damage is not caused intentionally or by your gross negligence or by any authorised driver s gross negligence or by an unauthorised driver:

  2. Liability for loss of or damage to the vehicle is limited to the full market value of the vehicle. If you accept the optional collision damage waiver (CDW) by initialling the space on the front page and paying the daily charge specified, your liability is limited to the stated in our current tariff as disclose to me.

  3. Liability for loss or damage to the vehicle is limited to the full market value of the vehicle.

The full market value of the vehicle will be determined with reference to “information gamvan” or a similar publication.

You agree that we may debit your credit or charge card with the adobe amount(s) and that we may charge you the actual cost for any repairs.

You are fully responsible for damage caused by striking on the road or overhanging objects. Any waiver excludes this.

  1. Conditios of use

You must look after the vehicle, use the correct fuel.

You must not allow the vehicle to be used:

  1. a) To propel or to tow any vehicles, trailer or other objects.

  2. b) While the driver is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substance impairing his or her consciousness or ability to react.

  3. c) To take part in any race, rallie, test or other contest.

  4. d) To drive or be driven into or in countries which are not members of the European Union. In any event, please note that our prior consent is nedeed for any journeys out of country.

  5. e) For subrenting.

  6. f) If you dont fulfill the minimum requirement as estipulated in our tariff regarding age and the possesion of a current driving licence.

  7. g) In contravention of any traffic regulation note that committing any traffic ofensse is a violation of these agreement.

  8. h) By any otrer person who has not first been authosized by us and added to this agreement and who does not also fulfille the minimum RENT A CAR SANTO DOMINGO requirements regarding age and possesion of the car driving licence. In such cases, you are also responsible for de use of the vehicle according to this agreement and to idemnify us pursuant to clause 5 adobe.

  9. Charges: All charges stated on the font page are calculated in accordance with our current tariff and the basis of your use of the vehicle as specified. Unauthorised use may incur additional charges.

You agree to pay on demend:

  1. The rental and other ancillary charges, such as CDW, delivery and collection, one way drop and taxes.

  2. The minimum rental charge is for one day; a rental day consists of a 24 hour period starting when the rental begings. In the event of a late return of the vehicle exceeding 1 hour, we reserve the right to make an additional daily charge at the daily relevant day.

  3. Any charge of damage outline in clause 1 including the non-waivable amount. A loss of revenue charge may be leived, based upon our tariff daily rates, unless you have opted to accept CDW.

  4. A refueling charge if you return the vehiclewith less fuel.

  5. Applicable taxes at the prevailing rate.

All complaints or objections to charges must be brought to our attention no later than 30 days after receipt of the final statement of account, failing which the statement will be conclusive.

All charges are subject to final determination after the rental. You authorize us in advance to debit any charges pursuant to this agreement from your credit our charge card including our reasonable legal costs of recovering the charges.

  1. Violation of traffic regulations

You are fully responsible for all fines and any consequences of the violation of traffic regulations and parking orders or prohibitions, wich is your responsibility during therental. If RENT A AR SANTO DOMINGO is required to pay such fines, you agree that we may debit your credit or charge card during the rental or after the return of the vehicle. A charge of 15% of any fine may also be debited to compensate for administrative work involved.

  1. Indemnity

To the exent allowed by law, you agree to indemnity us against any claims in connection with the operation of the vehicle, any damages suffered by you, including without limitation, the fines and other consequences referred to in clause 4 above, or any matter which are your responsibility. We expressly disclaim any liability for damage or loss of any kind suffered by you or any third party, unless we are at fault.

  1. Accidents

You must report any traffic accident, loss, damage or theft to the police inmediatly ando to us within 24 hours. You must not admit liability or guilt in the event of an accident. A RENT A CAR SANTO DOMINGO accident or theft report from must be completed on request. If you do not comply with this request, CDW will be void. You agree to cooperate with us and our insurers in any investigation or subsequent legal proceeding.

  1. Insurance

We provide insurance coverage for persons using the vehicle with our permission (a not otherwise) in accordance with an automobile liability insurance policy a copy of, which is available upon request. This policy meets all applicable statutory requirements and protects the owner and/or any authorized driver of the vehicle against legal claims from third parties for personal injury or material damage caused by the use of the vehicle.

  1. Personal property

We are not liable to you any passenger for loss or damage to property left in the vehicle either during the period of hire or thereafter. Such property is entirely at your own risk.

9 Personal data

You consent to the computer storage and processing of your personal data. If you breach this agreement your personal data may be disclosed or passed to third parties to the exent necessary to assist recovery procedures.

  1. Law and jurisdiction

We aim to resolve all disputes amicably. If this is not possible, the courts of the country where the obligation must be fulfilled will be the competent courts, and the law of the country where you signed the rental agreement will apply.

  1. Minimum age of drivers

The minimum age of drivers for cars Type A and B is 21 years , with a minimum period of 1 year license . For vehicles in our catalog categorized as type C to type G , the minimum age of the vehicle is 23 years old with at least 2 years of driving license